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Civet Cat Orchard


Civet Cat Orchard is located on the shoulder of a forested mountain (5,500 ft/ 1,700 meters altitude), surrounded by some of the most varied and extensive wildlife sanctuaries of the Western Ghats, South India. The orchard primarily specializes in cultivating tree fruit from the montane tropics, mostly from the Andes and Central America, but is in the process of evolving into a woodland garden and sanctuary for native trees with areas of exotic ornamentals.

The upper section of the orchard, to the west, shares a boundary with the primeval evergreen mountain forest (shola) and many denizens of the forest enter the orchard, particularly at night. To the south and East Manavan shola (considered the most extensive montane forest in South India) extends along an arc of mountains, providing a backdrop of verdant and timeless tranquility. The northern boundary of the orchard is an almost sheer escarpment falling hundreds of feet providing spectacular views over the surrounding mountain landscape and cultivated terraced fields below.

The elevated and secluded position of the orchard make it an ideal retreat for those who wish to immerse themselves into the wonders of hill life; the clarity, warmth and brilliance of light, the purity of mountain air and water and the congenial peace of country life accompanied by bird song by day and cicadas at night.

To stay here is to enter into a garden of tranquility and physical ease whose woodland surrounds and inspiring and spacious mountain setting transport you to a life of vitality, renewal and repose.

At present the orchard offers three residential accommodations, each situated in seclusion in places of beauty within the orchard with views overlooking the surrounding mountain landscape. The residences have been built and furnished to a high standard, including terra-cotta flooring, lime plastered walls, fine wooden and rattan furniture and marble lined bathrooms with modern amenities.

Meals, predominantly South Indian and vegetarian are served in the residencies by a versatile chef of Burmese origin with extensive cooking experience overseas. We are able to procure vegetables and fruit from a wide range of produce from the hills and plains and endeavour to make the culinary experience pleasurable, varied, authentic and nuitritious.

A stay in the orchard can be recommended for those travellers who seek respite from the grueling heat, dust, clamor and crowds of the plains and wish to retreat to a garden where peace, beauty and nature prevail. Once here, you can soak in the atmosphere, take walks through the undulating orchard terrain, or embark on walks into the surrounding countryside. We also wish to make this a haven for water lovers and have constructed a large natural pool whose deep central section is 36 meters long and will be ideal for swimmers, while the surrounding shallow terraces will be populated by lotus plants. The pool will be operational by June/July 2012.

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